Deep Dark Truthful Mirror [Live in ‘08] —> Elvis Costello and The Imposters

*Related to the last.

Blame It On Cain [Live in ‘05] (Elvis Costello and The Imposters)
Jammin’ Me [Live in ‘99] (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

One of the great mysteries of rock ‘n’ roll: What did Vanessa Redgrave do to deserve this?!
Voices Carry [Live in ‘85] ('Til Tuesday)

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Reflections* (Diana Ross & the Supremes)

*Related to the previous.

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Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood Mac

Always a fave. 

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Dixie Chicken [Live (and abridged) in ‘77] * (Little Feat with Emmylou Harris & Bonnie Raitt)

*You’ve gotta make it to at least 1:28, or you’ll miss the most badass pair of overalls ever seen on a shirtless black man performing a bongo solo in the 70s.
Accidents Will Happen [Live in ‘96] (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
Hot Stuff [Live in ‘79] (Donna Summer)

Awesome Sauce
Here Comes the Rain Again [Live] (Eurythmics)
Here Comes Your Man [Live in ‘90] (Pixies)
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Got To Give It Up, Part 1 (Marvin Gaye)

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Let’s Stay Together [Live in ‘72] (Al Green)

I just stumbled on a video of Maroon 5 covering this song, and it was so deeply unsexy that I briefly turned straight just so that I could turn gay again in reaction to it.
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Get Out The Map [Live in ‘00] (Indigo Girls)


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Prove My Love [Live] (Violent Femmes)