Johnny, Are You Queer? /// Josie Cotton

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When You Were Mine [Live in ‘85] /// Cyndi Lauper

Girls Want To Be With The Girls [Live in 78] /// Talking Heads

Union City Blue [Live in ‘79] —> Blondie

The Metro [Live in ‘83] —> Berlin

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Mind Your Own Business —> Delta 5

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A Slow Song —> Joe Jackson (noted pro-smoking activist)

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Voices Carry [Live in ‘85] ('Til Tuesday)

D-Days (Hazel O’Connor)

It’s Friday, folks. Time to stuff all your bikini-clad friends into giant glass tubes filled with water and get down!
I’m The Man [Live in ‘80] (Joe Jackson)

If it’s Wednesday, FT must need some good-time dance party action.
You Belong To Me [Live in ‘79] (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Live in ‘83] (Eurythmics)
Don’t Go [Live in ‘82] (Yazoo)
Don’t Change [Live in ‘83] (INXS)
Mystery Dance [Live in ‘78] (Elvis Costello and The Attractions)